I'm 19, i'm in Blaise Pascal's university in Clermont (France). I'm kinda happy about it because i finally leave high school or hell.
I have 0% of confidence in me, i has already think about suicide myself , i'm single since the earth's birth, nobody likes me or wants date me, i hate myself a lot because i'm not good enough and i don't show my emotions (for the good of people). I'm in love with series/movies/Tumblr bc it's like a second family. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and The Beatles. My cat Honey is like my second sister. My home miss me. I'm nice person but also a bitch. I stay too much Inside (''it's not very healthy'' - my mom). I have 4 or 5 friends. I think that's all but if you have some stuffs to ask me it's okay, you can and i'll be happy if you ask something. And don't forget it : je t'aime, merci si tu regarde ça et que tu suis mon blog!
Charlotte for your service